connectYoutube - Kindness is cool

Kindness is cool

KTVU's Claudine Wong spends some time with nine-year-old Bode Westerhoff, who created a shirt to ope

connectYoutube - Prius bobsled

Prius bobsled

A Prius is pushed down the street by a powerful mudslide in Burbank. Video: Burbank Firefighters Loc

connectYoutube - Baby sloth

Baby sloth

A two toed baby sloth makes her public debut at the National Aviary In Pittsburgh. Video: National A

connectYoutube - Jon Gruden interview

Jon Gruden interview

KTVU's Mark Ibanez interviews Jon Gruden after he is introduced as head coach of the Raiders .......

connectYoutube - SF Santa hat shooting

SF Santa hat shooting

San Francisco police are looking for a man in a Santa hat who shot at people inside a vehicle in the