STEM Education Overview (Based on "STEM Lesson Essentials" book)

This video was made for our new teachers at Korea International School. They will be entering a new STEM program that integrates multiple disciplines through real world, relevant challenges. 

Video Timeline
- Definition of STEM
- STEM Goals
- Guiding Principles
- STEM Practices
- Technology Definition
- Multidisciplinary Integration
- Interdisciplinary Integration
- Transdisciplinary Integration
- Project-Based Learning
- Implementation Strategies

STEM Lesson Essentials book -
Notes from the book -
Video slide presentation -
Mathematical Practices from Common Core Standards -
Science and Engineering Practices from Next Generation Science Standards -
Intro to Project-Based Learning video -
PBL Resources -

Intro and outro music by GANZ, "Hermitude x Flume - Hyperparadise":
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