A NEW MEGA EVOLUTION! - Pokémon ULTRA Sun & Moon RANDOMIZER Nuzlocke Episode 36!

Our Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Randomizer Nuzlocke is here! I'm SO excited to be bringing this series to you guys, it's something that've been looking forward and was a hugely requested series since the Sun Randomizer. So if you're enjoying the be sure to DESTROY that LIKE button and subscribe for more!

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What has been randomized!?

- Starter Pokemon
- Wild Pokemon
- Trainer Pokemon (With a very small chance of Shiny Pokemon!)
- Static Pokemon (e.g. Totem Pokemon, Gift Pokemon, Traded Pokemon etc)
- Random Abilities
- The PokeMart (However all Marts will have at least one potion and Poke Ball type)
- Movesets (With a bias towards STAB moves)
- Some text of the game has been edited to spice things up a little :]

•• Nuzlocke rules ••

1. Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and cannot be used anymore.
2. I can only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else, unless I have already caught a Pokemon in that evolution line before (this is dupes/species clause).
3. Static encounters are counted as separate from normal encounters (a normal encounter is one you find by walking around in grass/a cave etc)
4. I must Nickname every Pokémon I capture.
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