Star Wars | "Cantina Band" | Ragtime Piano Duet | Martin Spitznagel & Bryan Wright

Two million views! Wow! Here's the sheet music, transcribed by Gulliver Johnson at No Sheets Given!

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Here are Martin Spitznagel (me, on left) and Bryan Wright (username "bixvenuti") having some fun performing "Cantina Band" by John Williams.  We were giving a concert in Pittsburgh on March 28, 2009, and needed a tune to end with.  We didn't have anything prepared, so we got together the afternoon of the concert and figured out this arrangement.

Bryan and I both specialize in ragtime and early American piano music, so it's kind of awesome that John Williams chose to score the seedy, dangerous cantina in "A New Hope" with ragtime.  

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Special thanks to:
Yuko Eguchi, video
Bryan Wright, audio
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